Hotel La Parizienne - Award

Riddle Agency - Tailored Spellbinding Stories

Elegancia has employed Caroline Viot's customer experience and concept consulting agency. This innovative approach has produced the identity of the Parizienne and her various associated elements used for communication and hotel staff training. The agency has also been charged with proposing innovative customer experiences, from the urban concierge service to the creation of associated products. All of this has been developed in close collaboration with the hotel's direction and management to ensure that the approach functions effectively as a whole.

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Hotel La Parizienne - Interior

Performances LBA

Performances-LBA has been working with Elegancia Hotels and their hotel projects as their main contractor for a number of years. The decoration of the Parizienne hotel was developed by their young architect Pauline Hubert. She has developed a feminine concept for the hotel that uses bright colours and graphic prints. Her sensibility and imagination have run riot and produced a snug environment where one can feel at home in an amusing and off-kilter Parisian style ambience.

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